The Apprentice Project

TAP Buddy

During the grim COVID -19 crisis, TAP pivoted to an online model to ensure the holistic learning of students continues. We transformed our NEP 2020-aligned SEL-based curriculum into self-learning content in STEM - Coding & Science, Performing Arts - Dance, Visual Arts and Financial Literacy. We modelled our program keeping in mind the resource limitations in low-income communities. Hence, we set up a WhatsApp chatbot - TAP Buddy - for delivering our self-learning content.

Using our award-winning online model TAP Buddy, we have curated two models to help reach students online across India.

At the start of the program, all students choose a course of their interest from Coding, Science Lab, Performing Arts, Visual Arts or Financial Literacy.
Custom-made self-learning videos aligned to the curriculum are shared week-on-week with the students by TAP via WhatsApp Bot.

Model 1: After-School Model

In this model, students perform their activities independently in their respective homes. TAP provides technical support during the program. The teachers from their school, along with volunteers, motivate the students in school classrooms or through WhatsApp groups.

Model 2: In-School Model

In this model, students watch the activity videos and perform them independently in the classroom itself. School teachers engage, support, and encourage the students as they showcase the activity video. TAP provides volunteers to assist the school teachers in conducting the class.

In both models, TAP provides the school with course videos, teacher training, materials, a school notice board, gamification badges, volunteers, and student showcase support.

Expected Outcomes of the Student Holistic Development Project
TAP is determined to contribute to achieving the following outcomes through its Students Holistic Development Project:
1. Increase in attendance
2. Increase in participation in class
3. Improvement in problem-solving skills
4. Well-regulated emotional health
5. Improvement in confidence and communication