The Apprentice Project

How we do


TAP is one of the few organizations in India to implement a collaborative approach where highly-skilled individuals are mobilized to volunteer for a period of one year in a Government school. The TAP volunteers intervene across the verticals of Performing arts, Visual arts, Sports, and Technical arts to mentor students using our life-skills based curriculum.

(Drama, Dance, Music, Public Speaking)


Creating and performing brings joy, a sense of achievement and camaraderie. TAP’s Performance arts program uses Dance, Drama, Music, and Public Speaking to create stories for voicing students’ opinion. The program culminates in a final showcase at the end of the year where students express their voice about social issues around them by performing to an audience of their parents, teachers, and community members.

(Ultimate Frisbee)


Ultimate Frisbee is a unique non-contact, self-refereed and “mixed gender” sport. It paves the way break gender stereotypes, and offers the exact same opportunities to both boys and girls to participate in the same environment. It builds skills of confidence, collaboration and communication. Also, there are multiple opportunities enabled for students to participate in tournaments to get valuable exposure and hone their skills.

Technical Arts
(Electronics and Coding)

The Electronics and Coding verticals help students build on their skills of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and improves their confidence.
In Coding, TAP volunteers train the students on MIT’s world-class Scratch and App Inventor applications. In Electronics, students use basic electronics components to do hands-on experiments to create various models.
The Technical arts program ends with the first of its kind Hackathon for kids, where students compete using coding and electronics as a tool to depict issues they see around them.

Visual Arts
(Art and Craft)

The process of creating art in itself is a language which enables individuals to communicate at a deeper level with self and others. In TAP, Art and Craft are used as mediums for reflection and expression. Students are exposed to different Visual arts forms from across the world and are asked to create their own versions of those. The program culminates with an exhibition where students highlight issues from society, their opinions on situations, and unique solutions through their art.