The Apprentice Project

What we do


The Apprentice Project's (TAP) is an initiative under Mentor Me India, our vision is to empower children in low-income schools to realise who they are and achieve what they want to be.

We aim to do this by building life-skills (Confidence & Communication, Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Self-realisation), and enabling real world exposure & opportunities using the child’s passion (Visual arts, Performance arts, Sports, or Technical arts) as the medium.

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Choice-based learning

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Lifeskills-based mentorship

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Exposure and opportunities


Choice is the cornerstone of TAP’s philosophy of learn what you love. Students get to choose one of the 8 interest clubs from the 4 verticals of Visual arts, Performance arts (Dance, Drama, Music, and Public Speaking), Sports (Ultimate Frisbee), or Technical arts (Coding and Electronics).

Students make an informed choice of their preferred club through a psychometric assessment and experiential learning across verticals. Then the students continue in their chosen club in depth through the rest of the year.


TAP classes leverage a life-skills based curriculum developed by experts in the respective verticals. The focus is on building the key life-skills essential in the 21st century world: Confidence & Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Self-realisation.


During the course of the program the students are exposed to various opportunities like internships, training, workshops, and competitions to get a real world exposure. The program culminates in a final showcase where the students perform to an audience of their parents, teachers, and community members.