The Apprentice Project

COVID 19 Relief

The Apprentice Project works majorly with children of daily wage earners (<₹12,000/month family income). An extensive survey that we did with them indicated ~ 90% of them feeling bored, anxious, frustrated and sad in this lockdown period.

Learning loss in these children expands due to the lack of online courses and tools, frustration due to the struggle of their families for basic necessities and because they lack a medium to express themselves.

Classrooms in India have been non-operational for over 7 months now but for most of these children school is the only place that supports their aspirations, curiosity and expression. COVID-19 has thus accelerated an already existing problem. The need is now more than ever.

To assist our children to learn remotely, we have developed a Remote Learning Program that has 2 aspects :

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Delivery of lesson plans via tap buddy

TAP Buddy is a WhatsApp based chat bot, which delivers activity plans to students, allowing them to complete the coursework at their convenient time


Mentor Support via WhatsApp

Mentors explain the weeks’ activities, engage the students, track their progress, clear their doubts and motivate them to innovate over WhatsApp.


TAP believes that the best approach towards creating a sustainable change is by empowering all kids through a skill that they are passionate to learn. We use choice-based learning (children choose from Coding and Electronics) as a tool to build socio-emotional skills (communication, confidence, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, etc.), impart real-world exposure, and provide opportunity platforms to children. TAP’s solution is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard University ,Finnish school of education and heavily aligned to the National Education Policy (NEP) of our country.

As suggested by the NEP each course is designed to give students increased flexibility and multiple choice of subjects to learn and specialise in. We strongly believe that in a quickly changing employment and global ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly important to empower children on how to think critically and solve problems and be creative . While learning by rote can be beneficial in specific contexts, pedagogy must evolve to make education more holistic, integrated and learner-centred.

We also align with Coding policy of NEP where from 6th grade onwards kids are recommend to start learning coding